Power - Generation



We provide the most practical tariff rate benefitting customer’s energy needs through the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) and Green Energy Option Program.


To deliver electricity directly to consumers, the company created Citicore Energy Solutions, Inc., (CESI) a licensed retail electricity supplier and the retail energy arm of Citicore, tapping “Contestable Customers” and Customers with at least 100KW peak demand. By bridging the gap between customer demand and supply, we offer a mix of diverse renewable energy resource and generation options. CESI secured its RES license in January 2017 from the Energy Regulatory Commission, supplying contestable customers with a total demand of up to 55 megawatts (MW) under its portfolio."


CESI has a wide menu of energy solutions to address the evolving energy demand of customers and works with their client closely to help them reduce their electricity costs and supply them with clean and sustainable energy through its 3Cs Solutions:



CESI provides customers with complete services: from Regulatory Assistance, Guidance and Consultations, up to the Awareness on the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) scheme and Energy Supply from our diverse mix portfolio of power generation assets.



We provide tailor-fit solutions to address our customer's specific needs and energy requirements to find the most practical and efficient tariff rate.



We offer the best tariff rate that will help you reduce your operating costs.


A new player in the retail electricity market, CESI is confident to be at par with its counterparts in the next few years with its competitive tariff rates and broad-range customer-friendly services that can educate consumers on the RCOA, GEOP scheme and the importance of switching to cleaner renewable energy sources to reduce carbon footprint in the country.