Water - Distribution


Citicore-Summawater Iloilo, Inc.


CSWater Iloilo, Inc. (CSWI), in partnership with Janiuay Water District, operates and manages a Level III water distribution system currently catering to the residents of the 25 barangays in the Municipality of Janiauy. Currently with 3,000+ water connections, CSWI aims to address demand of the whole Janiuay locality by improving pressure, reducing None-Revenue Water, and overall augmenting supply to the Municipality.


CSWater Iloilo is focused on improving Janiuaynon’s water quality and water distribution systems through:

  • Efficient and quality operation and management of existing facilities
  • Rehabilitation of old distribution pipes and facilities
  • Higher water pressure for free flow of water to homes
  • Expansion of service areas
  • Consistency of quality service
  • Friendly customer relations staff ready to assist you



Existing Water System



Location: Janiuay, Iloilo

Start of Operations: March 2019



Address: 1st Floor Fama Bldg., Aquino Nobleza West, Janiuay, Iloilo City

Contact Person: Engr. Andrew Margarico, General Manager

Email: amargarico@cswater.com.ph