Sustainability - Empowering Filipino Communities Through Positive Energy


At Citicore, sustainability is fundamental in the way we do business.


We are committed to improving people’s lives – of our employees, stakeholders and host communities, as we partner with them to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, where we can all work together through services and solutions that make life healthy, balanced and convenient.


Established in 2019, Citicore Foundation serves as the social sustainability arm of Citicore Power, Inc. focused on empowering communities through Capacity Development, Environmental Protection, and Community Partnership. Through its Corporate Foundation, the company provides an impactful value-added benefit for stakeholders and communities where it operates.


OUR VISION Empowered communities by bridging progress and environment.


OUR MISSION Engage communities through Capacity Development and Environmental Awareness


OUR VALUES Accountability    Collaboration    Stewardship    Malasakit



Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


The company is committed to make a difference in the lives of the communities where we operate in. We value strong environmental awareness to mitigate climate change by promoting renewable energy and making it sustainable and, more importantly, accessible to many.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is rooted in our thrust to promote and provide support for health and education, as well as create sustainable livelihood programs and environmental conservation. We continue to immerse in our partner localities and engage our stakeholders to ensure that our CSR initiatives meet varying needs of our host communities.


We ensure that each CSR program is in line with our corporate values, and aimed at delivering improvements in the lives of our stakeholders. To achieve this, we stick to our principles in implementing our CSR initiatives.

  • Needs-based – Programs shall be based on stakeholders’ requirements and gaps.
  • Sustainable – Projects shall support self-sufficiency and can be replicated in other areas with other stakeholders.
  • Shared Ownership – Communities shall contribute to and be involved in program development and action plan implementation.
  • Effects positive change – Impact shall be measurable and assessed regularly to identify areas for improvement and serve as guides for further development.

Being a good neighbor

Group 576

The Agro-solar concept allows solar power generation and crop production to co-exist to provide livelihood opportunities and augment income of the farmer communities.

Group 549 1

Usbong Scholarships

A bridge scholarship grant program of Citicore Foundation to support education.

Group 546 1

Eco Shed

Introduced the Eco-Infra project using the upcycled solar panels.

Group 550

T2E - Training-to-Employment

The program develops necessary skills and equips trainees with the required capabilities to become job-ready.

Group 548

Bantay Basa

Bantay Basa is a school-based literacy program fueling the energy to read among the communities.

Group 547

Brigada Eskwela

Through the Adopt-A-School Program, Citicore contributes to improving the public education system in the country.

Group 621 1


Powering communities with Citicore Solar Street Light Project, which encourages greater use of renewable energy and ultimately fosters an environment for a safer pathway forward.

Other Community Programs such as: 


  • Gift of Knowledge
  • Aktibibo Program
  • Donation of Slippers
  • Medical Mission
  • People’s Organization
  • Tree Planting
  • Portable Water Supply