Sustainability - Enviromental Impact


At the heart of Citicore is the commitment to uplift the lives of the communities we serve, provide long term value to all our stakeholders by offering them not just environmentally-friendly solutions, but agriculturally-beneficial and socially-responsible technologies and methodologies through our sustainable AgroSolar-Social platform.


With the aim to make the solar energy business sustainable for the society, and also align with the United Nations’ 2030 agenda for sustainable development, the Group pioneered the Agro-solar concept in the Philippines. The Agro-solar concept allows solar plants and vegetable farming to co-exist and aims to augment income of the farmer community through provision of livelihood.


A first of its kind in the Philippines, the AgroSolar model is envisioned to maximize the utilization and productivity of the vast tracts of land currently being used for solar power generation – allowing for the simultaneous green and renewable energy generation and alternative agricultural crop production.



Benefits of Dual-Use Solar Sites


The Dual-Use Solar report of Green Innovation and Development Centre in Vietnam has observed the numerous benefits of an AgroSolar project for farmers and local communities, on a small scale, and for the entire agriculture sector as well.


  Benefits of Agro-solar Approach
On farmers & local communities  On improved agriculture
Additional revenue stream for farmers from high value crops  Shading from PV modules can alleviate water evaporation from crops during dry season 
“Second harvest” from the same field / Overall land productivity will increase  Reduced water evaporation can lead to water savings 
Meeting market and export demand for agricultural crops  Presence of crops can alleviate risks of soil erosion 
Can open the potential avenue for investments from stakeholders of the agricultural sector (i.e. farmers, cooperatives, farming corporations etc.)  Development of a more competitive and sustainable agricultural sector 
Reduction of land-use conflicts   


Following a successful pilot run, Citicore will adopt the AgroSolar model across all its operating and future solar plants to further solidify its drive to increase the sustainability and efficiency of the renewable energy industry in the country.