Sustainability - Enviromental Impact


Citicore cares for the planet. Since its inception, Citicore pursued alternative energy options that are natural, safe, and renewable. Across the organization, nurturing the environment and harnessing the gifts of nature as a means of providing sustainable sources of energy are collectively adhered to maintain ecological balance.


Environmental Management Policy

Citicore through its different power plant sites, shall actively promote and participate in environmental conservation initiatives that will aid in building a clean and healthy environment for the total well-being of employees, clients, business partners and communities.


The company is committed to be involved in promoting the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMS) and has incorporated sound practices in our design, development, construction, testing, operation and maintenance processes.


Part of the commitment is to minimize environmental, health and safety impacts within the project sites, adjacent environment and communities. It is the Company's practice for the new projects to undergo screening for potential harmful impacts by incorporating its environmental management programs with quality management and occupational health and safety standards.