Sustainability - Social Impact


In order to build sustainable and impactful outcomes, Citicore designed programs for its communities addressing root causes of social needs aligned with its three pillars. The foundation aims to harness the strengths of the communities where Citicore operates through transformational approach, delivering social change without long-term reliance on charitable support or company subsidy.



Citicore Foundation anchors its community relations initiatives through the following approaches:

  • Geographical Approach: Citicore Foundation will focus majority of its programs in areas where it operates and has immediate business presence
  • Strategic Coverage: Providing CSR efforts beyond Citicore’s areas of Operations is feasible and will be undertaken in special situations, such as natural disasters, operations-related issues, reputation and brand building initiatives, and government partnerships to achieve company goals and objectives.
  • Common alignment of CSR Programs across different locations: Programs to be implemented are based on communities’ appropriate social needs and aligned with the Foundation’s three pillars, in consideration of the Department of Energy’s priority social development programs.
  • Helping People Help Themselves: Activities should be sustainable to help communities develop capacity instead of dependency. Programs are driven by collaboration thru volunteerism among Citicore employees, NGOs, civil societies, private companies and like-minded organizations.