Sustainability - Social Impact


Capacity Development

Citicore believes in transforming its communities in a manner that is consistent with its three pillars anchored on the United Nation’s sustainable development goals, while achieving its business goals, though the following:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to identify areas of efficiently and improvement that could further benefit from company support
  • Ensuring that social investment programs provide capacity development opportunities for long-term and sustainable impact to stakeholders
  • Creating an empowered community and building a greener tomorrow



Community Engagement

Citicore values the views of its communities and encourages counterpartying and co-creation programs, which encourages maximum community participation and involvement. To this end, Citicore commits to:

  • Implement stakeholder engagement processes that enables stakeholders to participate in program planning and discussions.
  • Establish grievance mechanisms to foster open communication and active dialogue.




Being a business that seeks out innovative, long term opportunities to create a greener and more sustainable world, Citicore commits to:

  • Build awareness of its commitment to environmental stewardship and climate change mitigation, especially with employees, partners and suppliers.
  • Minimize and manage its site-based environmental impacts and the company’s carbon footprint, in general.